Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pete Santilli allegedly still locked up in Pahrump Nevada Detention Center



LoneStar1776 or Rudy Davis and his wife

Why do I even look at this shit?  These people are all hooked together:

  • Pete Santilli
  • Deb Jordan
  • Rudy Davis and his wife
  • Pastor James David Manning
  • Dr. Kent Hovind "Dr. Dino"
  • Who knows who else in the FED CIRCLE JERK OF CORRUPTION
So these PROPAGANDA MACHINES continue to go on after the Ammon Bundy Ranch Standoff in Oregon and the alleged NOT GUILTY VERDICT in Burns, Oregon and all the rest of these strange reports of the Mormon standoff against the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BLM blah blah blah....I can't take it anymore!....NONE OF THIS SHIT IS PROBABLY EVEN WORTH MENTIONING ANYMORE...FUCK OFF!

All of you are one big family of ALTERNATIVE NEWS JAG BAGS that probably work for the largest employer in the USA which is guess who? The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT:

So LoneStart1776:  What are you going to say about Pete Santilli the Mormon convert now? So he read the HOLY BIBLE cover to cover in jail now and got some religion?  Really?  What a show this is!  Go march around some Texas towns now with your AR-15's and show everyone how you carry guns you blockheads!

And if you're from Texas you KING JAMES ONLY FAKER Rudy Davis--why do you run around in a vehicle licensed in CALIFORNIA with PLATE No. 75WY299?  Someone should run a 10-28 on that and check it out:   

I don't trust these reports at all and don't tell me you're a KING JAMES ONLY Christian and all the rest of your bull shit with Dr.Kent Hovind, etc.  I pray that God sends all you GOD DAMN CHRISTIANS to the LOWEST HELL and if he lets me I'll throw you in the pit myself: 

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