Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Michael Savage Current Events Broadcast October 25, 2016

You want some TRUTH IN THE NEWS today?  Here it is...

Listening to Michael Savage is like listening to let's say an older uncle that I wish I had. You can actually learn something from people like this.  It's sad to say that there aren't many people like this left in the USA.  Even many of us baby-boomers have been so brainwashed by our criminal government and culture of chaos that it's difficult to snap out of it.  What will we do when we lose those who actually have some wisdom about them?  It's a troubling thought for those of us who have any brains at all and are still able to at least think and perceive:

So what about the wisdom of God?  There are very few if any that posses this wisdom and understanding.  That's why I really think this world has to end soon.  Or it will just implode into a full mode of destruction and perdition.  It's just not looking too good folks for this present evil world!  Even so, come Lord Jesus:  

You should learn something or get out of here!  It's your choice: