Monday, October 31, 2016

Let's all study a UCLA Professor who studies Trump supporters

Meet Michael Suk-Yung Chwe

Does he Suk-Yung Chwe?  Just asking.

(He should get together with Anthony Weiner and Joe Biden)

If you don't vote for Donald Trump than you can SUK-YUNG CHWE! :-)

So if you're not sure about yourself and you're VOTING TRUMP you better learn that you are the GREATEST THREAT TO DEMOCRACY since WORLD WAR II:

Check out this professor's YOU TUBE CHANNEL for more insightful higher education:

And look at that resume. WOW!  We need more of these kind in America:

Well Suk-Yung Chwe, get ready for WORLD WAR III because YOU LOSE CHI CHI!


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