Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gold/Silver Rally to Explode into Hyperdrive September 2016! - Bo Polny ...

*****Bo Polny:  GOLD and SILVER UPDATE*****

How much GOLD and SILVER should people have for the coming crisis?

Some say as much as you can afford:

The following is a reasonable family plan that may be considered for all Americans: 

At the time of this post if you were to purchase ONE ROLL of AMERICAN GOLD EAGLES as shown above the cost is currently on an average of  $27,347 for a 20 COIN TUBE.  A 20 COIN MINT TUBE of AMERICAN SILVER EAGLES as shown above is running about $435.00.  If you cannot afford to purchase gold many people are moving into silver and buying smaller denominations of gold as protection against the financial instability that is rapidly approaching.  Some suggestions are to have at least 365 ounces of emergency silver ounces on hand for a years worth of financial protection which is a ONE COIN PER DAY strategy to serve as financial insurance.   It would be ideal to have 12 OUNCES OF GOLD also as ONE COIN PER MONTH IN A YEAR CRISIS.  This however may not be financially practical for all families so a fractional 6 MONTH PLAN  can be implemented also and still have a reasonable amount of resources available in the coming financial storm.

Watch The Bo Poliny UPDATE BELOW:

The following report contains calculations based on THE HOLY BIBLE or in other words BIBLICAL CALCULATIONS.  Bo Polny has about an 80% accurate track record against a market that is admittedly controlled by those men in high places that serve the god of this world.  So when one such as Bo Polny takes a biblical approach to economic trends there will be much calumny that comes along from them that believe not.

I would say that this message is worth it's salt in these current critical financial times.  And if you don't prepare to protect your financial solvency then you might be one of the SIMPLE ONES:

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

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