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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oklahoma Highway Patrol KILLER TROOPERS kill assistant church pastor

*****KILLER COPS even in Oklahoma!*****

I never thought I'd see the day but that day is come... 

OKLAHOMA WAR to begin soon on police

Nehemiah Fischer DEAD -- Age 35

Assistant Pastor of Faith Bible Church

SHOT AND KILLED by Oklahoma Trooper

Wife in shock; wants to see DASH CAM VIDEO

His brother also arrested... 

You just wait on the Oklahoma WHITE COMMUNITY

We have killer gun crazy cops everywhere now

You're not even safe in OKLAHOMA!

Oklahoma country boys won't take this one easily

"Get out of the water or I'll shoot you!"

I'll believe the family about this one before I believe anything the cops say about this guy and his brother who were trying to push their car out of high water.  I can see it now--the troopers show up and order them out of the water.  The boys are from there and know the area and keep trying to get their car/truck or whatever out of the water by pushing it.  He looks strong and the cop probably got into threatening them with arrest if they don't comply with their orders which naturally pissed them off.  If there was an altercation the cop had no justification to shoot this guy.  You can no longer trust police--ever!  They are killers now.  

I'm white and I know what it was like to be almost killed and almost shot by police when in fact I was the one who called the police.  They told me to put the gun down and I didn't have a gun to put down in any one of my hands.  I was holding a cell phone.  They need to know what they are looking at before they call it a gun.  I'll never be the same again after that traumatizing incident. 

Wife of DEAD MAN wants to see dash cam footage. They won't give it to her.  BIG LEGAL BATTLE BEGINS: 

You cannot trust cops anymore, anywhere, EVER!


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