Thursday, April 30, 2015

Consumers are buying COPPER and thieves are stealing COPPER

PHYSICAL COPPER sales are rising

The PHYSICAL COPPER PRICES are in reality disconnected from the PAPER PRICE.  If you do research you will find that the price of copper has been steadily rising since January 2015 and the paper price is different from physical copper bullion products and collectible rounds and numismatic style ingots. 

Rocky below is angry that he has been buying SILVER which has been continually losing value since its 2011 bear market trends.  Copper however has him upset because even his own friend at the flea market is selling copper for 500% gains.  Soon we will see more interest in copper as copper becomes the poor man's silver:

(click the chart to enlarge) 

The PHYSICAL COPPER MARKET is showing increased sales

You have to do some honest research to find out what's going on in the COPPER PHYSICAL MARKET but when you do you will find out that the price of PHYSICAL COPPER BULLION and various INGOTS, ROUNDS, BARS, and COLLECTIBLES are rising faster than the price of PAPER COPPER on the futures markets.  This is an obvious price disconnect and only those who pay close attention to detail have noticed this.  

SEE SOME OF THE DEALERS FOR YOURSELF and check EBAY also for widespread copper buying opportunities: 


Also remember that if you carefully study the copper market you will find that sales are on the increase and product is SOLD OUT regularly at various dealers and suppliers.  Is it any wonder why the thieves are stealing COPPER instead of GOLD and SILVER?

Rocky will be buying COPPER soon:



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