Thursday, October 30, 2014

The END OF SILVER is very near

SILVER and GOLD will not preserve your wealth!


I found a DEALER in Wisconsin that actually tells you not to buy SILVER or GOLD.  They won't force you not to buy it but the owner actually tells you it's no good to buy.

Other dealers have ANSWERING MACHINES saying they are not open for the next 30 days, etc.  Things are really getting weird folks!

I personally believe the price of SILVER will drop below $10 here in the next 12 months time.

So you don't believe me?  Call the dealer for yourself:

 Gary's Coins and Stamps
 210 W Grand Ave, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
(715) 421-0822

The PRECIOUS METALS SCAM has now entered into its phase of destruction.  You will still hear some chatter about the metals but I'm even noticing the SILVER COMMUNITY is finally dying down.  The desire to chase the US DOLLAR is really just getting started:



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