Friday, October 31, 2014

SILVER is going to $8.40 and GOLD to break down under $1,000


GOLD PRICE TARGET = below $1,000

Watch for COIN DEALERS and many MINING COMPANIES to cease

It is obvious now that the price target for silver is much lower.  The next level of technical support is at $8.40.  Many analysts and collectors are dumping the metal and industry is buying it up cheap while continually shorting the market lower.   Eventually the metal will be price fixed at new lower levels to benefit industrial needs.  As for the mining companies; they will be taken over by world governments and the metals will be restricted to any private ownership.  You might even see grading companies such as PCGS, NGC, and ANACS go out of business soon. There's really no need to own these metals anyway.  Obviously you cannot eat them and furthermore they have become as useless as stamp collecting and most baseball cards.  Another dying collection for hobbyists:

Why is GOLD going lower?  ANSWER:  The Swiss Bank

The Swiss National Bank is going to be forced to hold gold and this is going to continue to drive prices down even further to aid in the purchase: 



  1. But But Barnone told me silver is going to the moon. BJF said I could buy a house with 5oz, lets see 5 x 8.40 is $42, maybe I could buy $42 worth of nails for that house eh. And Chris Duane told me if I buy silver I would be the new ELITE around town more like the fool lol.

    1. What did Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy say? I'd also ask Lindsey Williams too.


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