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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura with Alex Jones

Ron Paul:
ISIS, world events, GOLD, SILVER the economy, 2016 PRESIDENTIAL RACE...

Jesse Ventura: 
World events, humanity, T.V. SHOW, ...

Now that the FEDERAL RESERVE continues to thrive as GOLD and SILVER collapse you should be able to see here who's promoting misinformation.  This is why LIBERTARIANS and REPUBLICANS will not be elected in America.  They are all liars!


1 comment:

  1. In the Ventura vs. Kyle lawsuit, I made a MOTION to INTERVENE two days
    after the verdict so I could MOVE to vacate the jury verdict because Ventura's
    wife lied under oath to the jury. (The judge denied my MOTION.)
    She said she never heard her husband disparage military personnel and never
    knew him to lie. See the video - Wifey Lie.
    Jesse Ventura is a liar, briber, bully and a fraud and now his wife lied under oath for him.
    Ventura defrauded the people of Minnesota to become Governor by lying about being a
    Navy SEAL. He stole the valor of others for publicity to win the 1998 election by 56,363
    votes, less than 3% of the 2 million votes cast.
    Ventura bribed a guy to leave the 1998 Reform Party so he wouldn't have competition in
    the primary and when complaints were filed against him for election violations he bribed
    the investigators to fix the investigation's outcome.
    This is well documented in my book "ALWAYS CHEAT". The book that knocked Ventura
    out of office in 2002. Call me for a complimentary copy. Leslie Davis - 612-529-5253
    Know the truth about Ventura here -
    Ventura's wife lied under oath when she said she never heard Ventura disparage military
    or known him to lie. Check out this 2002 video.
    Wifey Lie -


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