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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oklahoma Trooper says she wishes she would have killed the Muslim

WTF is this?

"I wish I would have killed him..."

This is extremely bizarre and irrational talk!

If I said anything like this I would be locked up.  But LAW ENFORCEMENT is under a different set of rules against we the people.  This nation is going right down the shit hole.  Just listen to how LAW ENFORCEMENT describes traffic stop situations:



  1. that's fuckin dangerous.. so i could be pulled over for no seatbelt & having a 09' inspection sticker and killed for a crime i may or may not commit 4 yrs down the line........... maybe i would be better off either driving home with 1 on my ass or to the police station with 1 on my ass?? what is a slavetard to do these days..............

    1. We need our government to do a complete overhaul of our police system and bring it back into a protect and serve style behavior instead of LAW ENFORCEMENT SEEK AND DESTROY missions. This is nuts! Something like this just goes to show how dangerous and mentally unstable these people really are.


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