Saturday, June 28, 2014

Examining the Michelle Obama conspiracy

Is Michelle Obama a man?

There's all manner of rumors and conspiracies as usual.  This one really slipped by me until I heard about it the other day.  Although many of us have been falsely accused of one thing or another, I'm really wondering whether this is true.  If it is true the current public opinion is geared toward acceptance of the matter.  It is now considered normal to have a growing culture of perverse sexual activity and we are all being indoctrinated to accept these lifestyles:



  1. Obama's nanny when he lived in Indonesia was a transsexual. I rad that a few years ago. Plus Obama is gay, so figure it out.

  2. I cant say if she is a man or not, I'd have to see him or her up close but I definitely cant tell. Wouldn't this be something if she was a he lol. I wonder if he gets a boner when he's hugging those black basketball players lol.


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