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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

G4T sending unusual messages for the sheeple


"We're all sheep and we live in the confines of a ranch and we're all sheared and then eventually we're slaughtered..."
---G4T, or George Hemminger?

Something dreadfully went wrong with G4T

The truth behind the hog ranch in Texas

Yea, for thy sake are we killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter.
--PSALM 44.22

The News UNIT has learned that G4T has possibly been under MIND CONTROL over the last month or so after working at this alleged hog ranch in Texas.  Sources say that G4T may have been a victim of majestic mind control in which officials at the ranch programmed G4T creating an alternative personality with which he must coexist.  This has caused some recent confusion among TRUTHERS and PATRIOTS.

Some say this hog ranch in Texas may in fact be an internment camp or FEMA camp where George actually was hired as an Internment Camp Specialist due to his qualifications but was sent there under cover as a ranch hand to gather intelligence for later release through ALTERNATIVE MEDIA channels to expose the usual government corruption and sprawling police state.

Somehow George escaped and he is now suffering a multiple personality disorder.  George is currently under treatment and is somehow finding time to do videos as he tries to get the truth out.    



1 comment:

  1. I can't buy this theory but I will offer you a few alternatives which are more plausible.

    1. The guy is bat shit loony tooney. More likely, it is very possible he is a bipolar off his meds.

    Why? because he is a natural scammer but he can't stay on point and screws his own action up. There is no doubt he is a parasite but a successful parasite does not kill the host.

    then again, even as many of his subs have turned against him, his subscriber base has not suffered too much and many idiots are circling his wagon and defending him.

    2, No publicity is bad publicity. His latest wave of idiocies has stirred up a shit storm to either stoke his narcissism or have him laughing at his new celebrity.

    3. He is a straight rat and disinfo artist out to discredit patriots. This is my pick, and whether he intentionally created this mess or not, who really suffered? G4T is a sociopath and cannot be affected by the damage he causes and doesn't care one bit if his character takes a temporary hit. The scumbag is made of Teflon and will keep moving as if nothing happened.

    He has never seemed short of money for his adventures and his supposed family lives well. Even if he was getting Adsense and donations, he had other funding sources to live it up as he has been doing for years.

    G4T is exactly the type of scumbag who would be a prime candidate for a psy-op to discredit the "truther"/patriot movement. It appears to have worked to a degree. Mission accomplished.

    Now multiply other probable agents by the dozens or hundreds elsewhere on the internet and the establishment/status quo has successfully quelled the rustling sheeple cheaply and efficiently.

    I say the Feds have G4T on the payroll and probably since at least 2008. How else can you explain why he has never been held to account for all his fraudulent activities over the years? No one is that lucky, someone in power has his back.

    I say the guy is some low level Fed or paid contractor/agent


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