Friday, July 12, 2013

Will BrotherJohnF join the SGT B.S. Hall of Fame?

Exposing the BrotherJohnF silver scam

I'm wondering if someone will find out another con artist who hides behind his alias known as "BrotherJohnF?"  Time will tell of course as we already see his COMMENT section heating up a bit on the "BrotherJohnF" YOU TUBE CHANNEL:

I think some of "the sheeple" have been sheared for too long now and are starting to realize this.  It's just my own opinion to which I am entitled. :-)

Uploader Comments (BrotherJohnF)

  • coketransactions
    BrotherJohn, I enjoy your videos. However, all of your calls on Silver and Gold have been completely inaccurate and you need to address that. And no, I am not a "disinformation agent".
  • BrotherJohnF
    It is a manipulated market. No one can predict what THEY are going to do, only make guesses. If this were a real market then it would have already exploded to the upside due to supply and demand. It's like blaming someone for poor market calls in the stock market when its price is decided every day by some old man with a beard. We no longer have any free markets, so making predictions amounts to predicting what the government will do next. Good luck with that.
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  • sendkeys
    If the markets are so manipulated why do you even talk about "bottoms" and the way its going in most of your videos?
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  • BrotherJohnF
    All you have to do is imagine that they suppress the price down to 10 cents an ounce. Do you really believe you'd be able to buy any real silver for that price? An entire year's worth of mine supply for 75 million? So clearly there has to be a bottom, even for the paper, or the prices completely disconnects and the Comex becomes irrelevant. They won't let that happen. Junk spot is now 3 bucks over Comex spot. They will make it bottom soon for that very reason.
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  • chop98
    You mention around the 1115 mark about bias in the mainstream media and how they run the same stories around the same time. I have spoken with a flesh and blood Man who works/worked in the "brain room" in Cheyenne Mtn. All information from around the world is pumped through this facility. It is a military complex. If one thousand stories are sorted in a day, we get 3% of these 1000 filtered stories. The MIC dictates what information we get and what we don't. Factual 100% information on this.
  • BrotherJohnF
    They ought to check out this thing called the the internet, it's really cool and let's people decide for themselves what is news. One day even those rocks won't help much ;-)
    Revelation 6:15-17
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