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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Marc Faber turns 100% bearish on everything


Can anyone figure out what this Marc Faber is always laughing about?  It seems very strange that these wealthy economic consultants are so giddy about the coming crisis.  

What I really expect here is for a stock market crash very soon along with everything else including commodities, bank account seizures, 401K destruction, IRA meltdowns, and various other calamities that are about to occur.  

Gerald Celente another trends consultant expects a compete meltdown with bank holidays and more importantly a CURRENCY RESET or CURRENCY DEVALUATION.

What this basically means is the well to do people of the world will loose money but they will retain much of their wealth since they have more than heart could wish.  On the other hand the working class and poor will loose everything and be forced into starting completely over with no respite in their financial burdens. 

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