Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are you unusually tired lately?

Are we being put to sleep?

Could it be America is being lulled to sleep by large amounts of RF ENERGY from no longer just the already existing power grid and transmission lines, radio transmission towers and antennas but now from CELL TOWERS, MICROWAVE LINKS, SATELLITES, UTILITY SMART METERS, WATER SMART METERS, COMPUTER PROCESSORS?

BPA and human laboratory animals

By some of these reports you would almost be led to think that we are nothing but laboratory animals that are subject to SLOW COOKING BY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION and POISONED BY PLASTIC.  Perhaps this is being done to control a large amount of population and get them receptive to some sort of beast government?  Now that can't be!  That would be a conspiracy theory!  

I have to admit those of us who are in Christ Jesus by faith in his shed blood have an edge on the rest of you that are not.  We have a renewed mind and have the wisdom of God in a mystery which you cannot understand.  That is how we can deal with all of this.  Selah. 


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