Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alex Jones: The best guest on The Howard Stern Show

Alex Jones had first sex at 12 years old

Alex Jones who appeared recently on the Howard Stern Show admitted to be quite a druggy and a real stud by 12 years old.  But when asked about anal sex or threesomes he didn't want to respond.  You don't believe this?  Here's the LINK:

Taking back the Republic

We already know Jesse Ventura would run with Howard Stern as his running mate.  Maybe we'd have some serious orgies in the White House?  Well we are becoming more and more sexually expressive these days so expect more of this.  Perhaps the age of adulthood needs to be dropped to 12?  Since they are already fornicating in 6th grade, drinking, doing drugs, etc. you might as well send them off to serve in Obama's Security Forces.

I could see a Ventura/Stern ticket.  Maybe the cabinet would include people like:
  • Alex Jones
  • Ron Paul
  • Sheriff Mack
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Max Keiser
  • Mimi Al Laham "Syrian Girl"
Either way we know we are going to take back the Republic.  And one final comment:

And may God bless America: 


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