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Friday, December 28, 2012

The War On The U.S. Constitution

 Do you know your enemy?

Forget "The War on Terror"; "The War on Drugs"; "Making the world safe for democracy"; and various other distractions.  We have a group of enemies both foreign and domestic that are openly rising up and creating a destructive form of government against the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.  These leaders now want to disarm America so they can openly threaten "We the people" and take over our freedom and liberty in the name of "protecting our children".  We the people cannot sit back and watch this go on much longer believing that these lawless "lawmakers" are actually representing and upholding their OATH OF OFFICE:

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Here is another elected representative along with the president, vice president, and various other "officials" that are violating their sworn OATH OF OFFICE.  Listen to this report as these lawless lawmakers make new laws abrogating The U.S. Constitution and allow a destructive form of government called "The New World Order" to be the authority:

Petition to Try Senator Dianne Feinstein for Treason


The correct LINK is here on The News UNIT and on INFOWARS.  All other sources are in ERROR:

I notice there was more interest in the petition to deport Piers Morgan rather than deal with lawless officials who promulgate a destructive form of government contrary to the U.S. Constitution and their sworn OATH OF OFFICE.  Here is the petition:

Do you know who this Senator Dianne Feinstein is.  She is an elected representative of "We the people...".  Here is a LINK for review: 


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