Saturday, December 29, 2012

Satanic Sandy Hook Snippets

This is more than creepy.  Copy this video at once!  There are many stories circulating regarding Sandy Hook and that area.  It is historically a very well known area for witchcraft and sorcery, etc.

Remember:  Satan is the god of this world 

There's more to this Sandy Hook shooting that is not being revealed but yet has leaked out.  It's looking more and more like we have a cold blooded killer government moving in on Americans.  God help us if this is the case:

I don't know but we might actually have a Satanic government that is ordained of God and according to many "Christians" these men who are "the powers that be" are ordained of God and are even God's ministers.  Wow that's confusing!  But then men who are bible believers tell us that God voted for Obama: 

Then there's the ROMANS CHAPTER 13 CULT telling us that we need to submit to God's minister Obama.  Study this LINK for another interpretation of ROMANS CHAPTER 13: 

I'm actually glad that these things are coming upon the earth.  I'm not glad at calamities but I am hopeful that the coming of Christ is closely at hand.  I'm looking forward to that time where it is written: "...and so shall we ever be with the Lord."

And Obama is God's minister?

Well I have to admit that each time I have to deal with this ROMANS CHAPTER 13 CULT that this song comes to my mind now.  I can't explain it:
This ROMANS CHAPTER 13 stuff is really getting on my nerves.  And I'm putting that nicely here.  I could elaborate on that but I won't for now.  

If you are in the ROMANS CHAPTER 13 cult you should listen to the first half of this song.  We should play it to you over and over again in a padded room in your FEMA cell.  Maybe you need some smoke in your coconut if you think Obama is God's minister?

Who is this Gene Rosen guy? 

Is this Sandy Hook a large coordinated act?


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