Sunday, December 30, 2012

Media attacks on Americans' guns continues

Craig Melvin, another media vulture
Insinuates Americans Stocking Up For Revolution
Is the media trying to create a revolution?

"Is it rational for folks to go out an apparently stock up for the revolution after a massive shooting?"
---Craig Melvin, MSNBC

As gun sales are reported to be in record numbers the media is working overtime to attack gun buyers insinuating that they are irrational people and also suggesting they are stocking up for a revolution.  These enemies both foreign and domestic continue to attack The United States Constitution without any hesitation.  They are rank enemies of the law of the land.

The Unrealistic Prevention Campaign

What if?  What if?  What if?...And how do we prevent everything from occurring here in the new Amerika (unless via the N.D.A.A. we need to detain and kill certain people we don't like)?  Is that the question?  It is:

Who is this Craig Melvin?

Fighting enemies of The U.S. Constitution
The enemies are both foreign and domestic

It's a difficult fight when you have enemies both foreign and domestic that have infiltrated not only the American media but also our own government officials are in league with the globalists and the U.N.   We have reached a time in America where the enemies of The U.S. Constitution have grown to unprecedented numbers:


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