Monday, October 29, 2012

New York City the Subterranean Nightmare

The Flooded Underground Nightmare

It's not what happened above ground that is epic with superstorm Sandy but rather what is going on underneath the surface:

Sources in New York, New Jersey and surrounding locations are reporting catastrophic flooding underground and widespread damage to the entire area infrastructure.  Underground parking garages, telecommunication systems, computer mainframes, subway system, city water and sewage systems, malls, various underground agencies, etc. suffering extensive damage yet to be announced by the "authorities".

Not good!  Damage could be in the tens of billions of dollars with this... 

Many of these 10 story underground parking areas are submerged....

How about those underground gold vaults?  Are they sealed?  We'll see how tungsten mixes with water now... 

Atlantic City also reported to be "basically flooded": 

And of course the threat of looting in the aftermath of Sandy:


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