Monday, October 29, 2012


Reports are surfacing that MARTIAL LAW has been declared in New York.  Stay tuned...

Martial Law is being implemented in NYC as we speak. Thousands of National Guard soldiers being deployed to combat the threat of the non-existent's a ghost town for cryin out loud, who's gonna loot?....



  1. martial law, fema camps, new world order

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  4. Martial Law will most likely have to be declared in New York City and surrounding Boroughs. The truth of the matter is that people are suffering way beyond anyone living outside these areas could ever imagine. The scope of the problem is just beginning to come to light. Today, I spoke to my cousin who lives in New Jersey and was told that people were on the verge of a total MELT DOWN. Many are facing the possibility of freezing to death and possible starvation, due to the fact that there is no electrical power. Gasoline is nearly non-existing in many locations and tempers are running high. Now with a cold front approaching, this could very well be the final chapter for millions. The death toll could be in the thousands. In truth, people were simply unprepared for this disastrous storm and so was our GOVERNMENT. We must now come together as a people and help in any way we can. By: V.U.A.L./VOLUNTEER UNITED ACROSS THE LAND


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