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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

INFOWARS Dan Bidondi on Hurricane Sandy

Dan Bidondi recaps his visit with a FEMA employee prior to Hurrican Sandy who warns Dan about MARTIAL LAW coming to America soon and also some kind of imminent natural disaster.  This is rather interesting.  Many people are mocking this but listen to this and weigh all these circumstances going on before you conclude this is some hoax.

DHS, FEMA, and the National Guard probably need another HAARP generated storm.  I'll be watching the satellite for new developments... 
(For the record I don't believe HAARP is creating storms HOWEVER some of the recent reports are starting to make me consider it may be so...)  Here's a rather credible looking report on HAARP:

Meanwhile the aftermath of the superstorm damage in New York, New Jersey and surrounding locations is not over.  Keep an eye on the North American Craton for earthquake activity.  And the election is only a few days away... 

American citizens will be eventually put into forced labor camps as prisoners under the guise of being transported to a FEMA CENTER "for their safety".
Have you read about the rising prison industry in America?


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