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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Law Enforcement U.S.A. is the NSA

This is not a joke people!  Notice that the NSA CENTER is on MILITARY AVENUE.  This nation is morphing into a MILITARY and POLICE STATE.  Notice how our own alleged American agencies are treating we the people as criminals and love to harass us with their usual display of force, etc.

Notice also how we the people are being brainwashed into thanking them for their actions of violating their oath of office while they commit felony acts against us: 

It is important to listen to this entire video and take some notes.  One such item of importance is why this center is located across from a Wal Mart Supercenter:  The reason for this is because Wal Mart has memorandums of understanding with the U.S. Government agencies to be used as a FEMA CAMP during a time of national emergency: 


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