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Friday, September 28, 2012

Government MANDATORY ETHANOL is coming

Do we have KILLER CORN growing now?

Remember the killer corn article?  If you haven't read it take a look here: 

If you don't pay attention as most of us are distracted by the media these days then take a look back at this report by Jim Comiskey who is a Senior Market Strategist at ADM Investor Services in Chicago, Illinois:

Jim is reporting on the government mandatory ethanol blend increase to 15% in gasoline.  The pumps have warnings that the fuel could void warranties and of course it is known to damage engines.

What some say is happening here is there is a problem with our nationwide genetically modified corn called "Roundup Ready Corn" by Monsanto.  The corn is causing major problems as it cross pollinates and causes cancer in laboratory animals while the deadly substance is going into just about everything we eat.  Just what does this mean?

                 Does the U.S.A. manufacture KILLER FOOD?

Make no mistake about it as the world is watching the U.S.A. manufacture deadly food and they may in fact shut off our food exports soon enough.  Many of these countries don't want this problem and the U.S.A. may be in for more than a major corn crop debacle as the government either orders it plowed under (which will not get rid of it anyway) or turn the majority of the crop into more MANDATORY ETHANOL. 

More on this TOXIC CORN here: 


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