Monday, April 30, 2012

Quasi-Homeless and Homeless Living

I remember when I was homeless for around three weeks in New York State.  I also had a decent job making over $70,000 at that point or so.  I slept in my vehicle with no difficulty shuffling from various parking lots and was fortunate to have a membership at a YMCA that opened super early every day to allow me to get a clean shower and start my day with even a workout.  I was fortunate enough to have a P.O. BOX so I didn't have to worry about an address.  It is recommended to have a P.O. BOX as a backup if this should ever happen to you.  You can have all your mail forwarded there and pick it up while your driver's license still remains just fine along with other essential identification.  I hardly owned anything either and it all fit in my vehicle at that time. 

This video below is troubling because it seems this group of people are being harassed by law enforcement.  It's a very nice thing to do to make homeless people pay fines isn't it?  Makes me sick:


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