Thursday, April 12, 2012

James Turk: The $70 Silver Man Speaks

DEADLINE DATE:  May 18, 2012
 2015 TARGETS:  $8,000 GOLD and $400 SILVER

He has until May 18, 2012 for SILVER to hit $70.  I'm sure he's colluded well with J.P. Morgan and the rest of the Sprott Cartel and related YOU TUBE silver mafia and NIA groupies in all their short positions.  Who are these guys kidding? 
I actually like the guy though; these guys are rather resilient in all this market mayhem. :-)

I guess it's time to as they say BTFD's.  Unreal! 

Hey Silver Futurist!  Is Stacy Herbert in town today?  Who cares about Max? :-)  When this is all over and my monster box is worth $200,000 I want a dinner date with Stacy Herbert.  I'd settle for Blythe Masters or who's the other chick that has balls?....the one with the PINK AR-15?
If silver doesn't go to $70 by May 18, 2012 then I'd like to see Ann Barnhardt go after James Turk.  And you thought the BLACK PANTHERS were dangerous?

You better call Blythe up and make arrangements for JPM to cover their naked shorts.  The SLA is gearing up for a major attack and we know there's a silver shortage coming because the Royal Canadian Mint is now talking about minting "mint chips".  WTF?  Yea I thought that too:

Could it be that Eric Sprott is going to make a large purchase of "mint chips" now?  I wonder if they have any "chocolate chips" for Blythe?  Does she like chocolate? 

UPDATE:  That didn't take long.  Look at this!  Here we go again! 

Live 24 hours silver chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

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