Thursday, November 3, 2011

We can't vote for Ron Paul?

Because he cannot win the rigged election?

I keep hearing that we can't vote for Ron Paul because he won't make it against the U.S. Government Two-Party Cartel.  And I also find there are many people that don't even know him or what he's talking about concerning the United States of America, the Constutition, The Federal Reserve, less government, etc.  He's just branded an old guy that is wasting his time.  How sad!

Well then America will get what it deserves with it's desire for MOB RULE and DEMOCRACY.  Perhaps Gerald Celente will be happy with the MEGAPHONE DEMOCRACY in New York.  This nation is on it's way and it will receive the judgement of God:

Jesse Ventura explains how Ron Paul is ignored by the mainstream media...etc...


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