Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wall Street Casino Strategy

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December 1, 2011 Market Strategy:

I believe pre-market will be critical and you may want to SELL any LONG POSITIONS to avoid excessive loss since market will do a slight shakeout adjustment before mid to late morning.  If you feel it went low enough you might get back in but beware the rest of the day will be news driven and uncertain.  I'm expecting another climb but absent any alleged "good news" not as much as today.  Absent any important news we will either finish slightly positive or float about even with today's close.  So basically it's a SELL PRE-MARKET and BUY SELL QUICK TRADE day.  Don't remain too bullish even if news swings it up--GET BACK OUT!

Many of the big caps are back in play with a short term "risk on" but it's not real so be very afraid of any unstable and jerky setups. 

If you really want to play it right then SHORT ONE OF THESE PEAKS on a LARGE CAP or just stay conservative in some BEAR ETF and wait for next week's sell off to take a profit.  There won't be a Santa rally this time around. 

The News UNIT personally thinks as Gerald Celente and Bob Chapman have told us that this market is rigged.  Bob Chapman sounds more experienced in this matter and constantly tells people to be in gold, silver, and shares. 

Quite honestly I think Marc Faber has the best to say about the market among all the analysts in general and second to him would be Jim Rogers.  You can hear what Marc Faber has to say here:

The bottom line is that governments have the market so manipulated now that even the best analyst with his trend-lines cannot figure this out.  It's rigged, it's stacked against everyone except the insiders, and it's coming to an end.  If you read this blogspot you know who the insiders are.  And if you don't then find out here: 

How about that COMEX CASINO?

Also for the GOLD and SILVER chart masters CLICK on the CHART:


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