Monday, November 28, 2011

Free markets have been destroyed

There is no such thing as INVESTING anymore. 

Marc Faber reports that the governments control the world markets:

Marc Faber was interviewed on King World News again and we will likely have to wait a week for the AUDIO FILE to be uploaded as usual.  If The News UNIT interviewed Marc Faber I'd have it up within a few minutes:,_Just_Government_Manipulation.html 

CEO's "Bonuses for Bankruptcies" will Continue:

It's time to let it sink in that when the governments manipulate the world markets by high speed computer trading, criminal CEO's that receive "bonuses for bankruptcies" you know the only thing left to do is remove yourself entirely from the system as much as possible.  

The News UNIT is requesting Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, and Bob Chapman to do a telephone, SKYPE, or Oovoo interview with me.  I can't make any promises other than it would be a timely upload here on The News UNIT.


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