Sunday, October 30, 2011

Infinite Dangers Update

Most people won't have a clue what Gary is talking about here.  But should the following outages occur there will be massive chaos:
  • Cell phone towers
  • land lines
  • Cable T.V.
  • Satellite
  • Commercial Power
People would have no idea how to set up backup communication equipment.  And they have no idea what frequency spectrum to use or how to make antennas or transmitters, etc.  This all courtesy of the WORLD WIDE WEB (www), smart-phones, and SKYPE.

So is the power grid and the internet too big to fail?  I do remember September 11, 2011 and how nationwide and local telephone service was interrupted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and throughout the country.  What worked for me?  My ham radio and oddly enough my "Calling Card" worked.  The landlines were functioning as "fee for service" only.  How convenient!

Do you have any backup plans to keep track of your family?  You might want to give this some thought.  It's not all that difficult to get a good setup.  But your entire family has to cooperate on this one and do some personal study.  If you live in the country and your family does too you're in good shape.  You can keep in touch via ham radio.  

Does anyone know MORSE CODE anymore?

._ _.   ._.   _ _ _   _...   ._   _...   ._..   _._ _   _.   _ _ _   _

Even the F.C.C. removed that requirement.  I'm wondering if that was to dumb the hams down even more?

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