Sunday, April 17, 2011

Closet Communists Promote Democracy

This Government by Popular Opinion and Talk Show Hosts has to Go Away!

Wisconsin is not Madison!

We need an assault on the "democratic process" and bring back the Constitutional Republic you dummies!  Got brains?

I'm starting to wonder as I hear Alex Jones and several other alleged "Constitutional defenders" attack Scott Walker.....developing... 

I'm tired of all the lies that are being thrown at Governor Scott Walker trying to demonize him as being some sort of dictator.  I am absolutely outraged by those who act as if they are exposing "criminal banksters" and they use my state here in Wisconsin as a springboard to promote their real agenda as if there's a "revolution" rising up here and in Ohio by what they call the "White Militia" led by Jesse Jackson.  I'm wondering if many of these popular opinion polls and talk show hosts that promote "democracy" hate Walker because he promotes the U.S. Constitution and a Constitutional Republic.  He's also for "the right to keep and bear arms" (which liberals hate) and many of these liberals in Wisconsin want the government Nanny State so they can sit around drink beer and eat cheese and exploit their sinful lifestyles.  

Go away those of you who want to ruin this nation by globalization and "making the world safe for democracy"!  If I hear the "D--WORD:  DEMOCRACY" being used by Alex Jones or anyone who claims to be a big time American "defending the Republic" ever again, I will be exposing them on my blog here for all to see.  True Americans don't want DEMOCRACY we want the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC back again.  Vote Ron Paul--he seems to be the only one that understands this....developing...


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