Monday, June 1, 2020

Mr. Christian considers shutting down his ministry: Did God quit writing the checks?


Mr. Christian considers shutting down his ministry.....

Wow! This guy really is losing it...he thinks he's the only one saved....

He claims people are afraid to say something.  I'm not afraid to say it pal!  And I said it and shall say it again!

The OSAS GRACE CULT is going to fall apart as God drives them into confusion and every evil work.  Praise God!

"Just because you say you believe doesn't mean you're saved..."
-Mr. Christian

Mr. Christian wants the News UNIT to come down to Snarky Park and take him out?  He's a lunatic!  This guy wanted to fight me a while back.  I wouldn't waste time even to set one foot in Texas or even go close to the place: