Wednesday, May 22, 2019



*****...and STORM CHASERS*****

*****...and storm chasing dogs?*****

******...and the one and only EXTREME-METEOROLOGIST: Reed Timmer*****

I might be a proclaimed WEATHER PROFESSIONAL but these guys are METEOROLOGISTS.  (I always wondered if they study meteorites but that's another story in itself.) We even found a guy LIVE the other day that is an SPC DAY 2 FORECASTER.  The only rating that far exceeds these METEOROLOGISTS is when you are a certified EXTREME-METEOROLOGIST like that of Reed Timmer.  Reed Timmer is no doubt the god of storm chasing and weather coverage!

Reed takes his dog on all chases.  He must need a stress relief animal nearby to keep him emotionally stable? 

And now they are not only chasing storms with their vehicles but they are FLYING DRONES all over the place.  DRONES are helping with storm coverage and take nice aerial video of the storm and tornadoes:

Meet Gizmo, the storm chasing dog:  Isn't Gizmo cute?

Here's the meteorologist (James: we think maybe 'James Goss) we listened to who anchors live along with David Schlotthauer LIVE during severe weather and tornadoes.  This is terrific coverage with all the latest gadgets and software available.  Not only do you have a professional broadcaster like David Schlotthauer who is a meteorologist but you also have an SPC meteorologist and forecaster like 'James' here who anchors with David live.  We listened to the coverage and we were fully and completely informed as to what was going on and they even put the PAH NWS office in Kentucky to shame calling tornado warnings in southern Illinois overnight last night. 

And Dutchsinse is a MODERATOR who also is a weather expert himself:

For some reason (beyond my understanding again) I was blocked by their moderator Dutchsinse and others.  I guess it's because I don't believe the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE and STORM PREDICTION CENTER are actively involved in WEATHER MODIFICATION, CHEMTRAIL OPERATIONS, CLOUD IOINIZING, and using their WSR88D NEXTRAD RADAR HAARP TRANSMITTERS to create SCALER SQUARES, HAARP RINGS, and BEAMING OTHER MEANS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION TO CONTROL THE WEATHER.  Now I know I was wrong for thinking this is a bunch of conspiracy junkies who follow Dutchsinse.  At least now I know Dutchsinse and other weather conspiracy theorists like Mike Morales are telling the truth.  Let's all learn more together!

I left a comment on James' YOU TUBE CHANNEL. I wonder if I'll get a response or will it 'trigger' them to block me again?  I just want to be part of the 'weather community.'

The News UNIT
7 minutes ago (edited)
James you might be a meteorologist but Reed Timmer is an extreme-meteorologist.  I would want to be AMS CERTIFIED extreme-meteorologist like him.  Actually he was in the inflow jets of a weak dusty tornado. Don't try that at home he's a trained professional:  [37:20] A couple of years ago I was in an EF0 that crossed our lake and ended up in my yard right on top of me and my mom where it dissipated while blasting us about with the same intensity sucking branches and pine cones off the trees and leaves along with snapping the top of a 1 foot diameter tree and missing our shed in the front yard.  He might have had an EF1 there not sure, just estimating   

I guess you work with Roger Edwards?  

I notice your friend David there is friends with Dutchsinse:  You SPC meteorologists must be manufacturing the weather through your HAARP NEXRAD TRANSMITTERS, SCALER SQUARES, HAARP RINGS, CLOUD IONIZERS, COORDINATED CHEMTRAIL OPERATIONS, and OTHER ELECTROMAGNETIC TRANSMISSIONS?  So do you guys sit around and get called in to CREATE THE WEATHER AND GENERATE THUNDERSTORMS?  It must be cool.  I learned alot from Dutchsinse who is heralded by David Schlotthauer. Maybe give us a report on WEATHER MODIFICATION and what the SPC and NWS OFFICES are really doing sometime?  Thanks.

I heard James lay claim to being the author of this SPC DAY 2 CONVECTIVE OUTLOOK on David Scholtthauer's broadcast. I thought then he might be James Goss?  Who knows? Anyway James claims his job is forecasting for the SPC and writing up DAY 2 OUTLOOKS:

Listen to these guys in action during LIVE SEVERE WEATHER COVERAGE.  You should like, subscribe, and send them donations to keep them operating:

When it all boils down to what matters though, I'd rather watch GIZMO the storm chasing dog, and just stay at home in my SAFE SPACE and watch these trained proffesionals teach us all how to BE SAFE:


This is what meteorologists teach us and tell us what to do.....even running people off the roads....?....oh yea!....there's more truth in the news folks....

So I wanted to learn more about Dutchsinse:  And for that I go to those to tell the TRUTH IN THE NEWS like this Jsnip4.  Listen and learn more:

Maybe it's all just sci-fi and psudeo-meteorology entertainment?  Is that why I get blocked all the time?