Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Truth comes out from a shady underground CRYPTO MANIPULATOR 'Nicholas Live'

******The Prague, Czech Republic CRYPTO-BLOCKCHAIN CONTROLLERS*****

*****THEY CONTROL CRYPTOS with BitMEX and more***** 

Nikola Randelovic

'Nicholas Live'

What's he doing in Richmond, Virginia?


Just what are these UNDERGROUND CRYPTO EXPERTS doing these days?  No doubt they are playing their usual role-playing games again with a little twist.  They finally admit that BitMEX controls the price of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market.  If you do a little research you might see a bit more what is going on here although you won't know exactly every detail.  But these guys seem desperate for a market move one way or the other.  They are going to try and either SHORT this market and get it crashing violently or PUJMP this makret and make it go nuts again: