Saturday, May 25, 2019


*****BE SAFE*****


We now have:




You are no longer a meteorologist:

You are a weather data specialist:

Who needs a degree?  You do not!

Today's artificial intelligence is taking over many aspects of our lives as computers and advanced algorithms figure out even who we are as a person and our entire personal profile through eye scanning, facial recognition, and monitoring everything we do through our computer and application software to control us through advertising and other means to the point where now it will forecast your future.  This will be used to evaluate mental health forecasts on your FUTURE BEHAVIOR and will likely result in preventative measures and professional intervention called mental health to govern our very lives and existence.  

And now in the meteorology or weather and atmospheric sciences related to forecasting the weather we now have some further advancements in computer models to the point where they are actually forecasting the weather.  And quite frankly these computers are somewhat accurate at times to the point where it is less likely to even need humans to blend the models and come up with an actual forecast consensus because all it really results in is what is called a MODEL CONSENSUS by those who are interpreting the data.

And now we have FUTURE RADAR.  Seriously?  FUTURE RADAR? And the meteorologists become meteorologists just to throw themselves at the computers and read the computer's who forecast the weather for them.  

If FUTURE RADAR is deemed reliable then we are going to see FUTURE WATCHES and FUTURE WARNINGS also.  How about just make more artificial intelligence so the computer can discuss their own models and draw up a consensus forecast? A COMPUTER CONSENSUS?  You might as well.

These FUTURE RADAR products if they are used for FUTURE WATCHES and FUTURE WARNINGS are going to become a real problem.  Just imagine if a FUTURE TORNADO WATCH is issued as an expected event and then nothing happens. Or say no watch is issued and then there needs to be one.  We are about to hear that a major tornado is expected in some place (say for instance Chicago, Illinois) and then emergency management will be given authority to close schools, businesses, and so forth on the advice of the computer models and then nothing happens.  Or vice versa if nothing is forecast then the big EF5 hits and people start to scream "THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!"

This is getting a little extreme now when you watch the mainstream media such as The Weather Channel, Accuweather, and other network meteorologists read these models and disseminate expected future weather with pinpoint accuracy.  And it will be incorporated into receiving such things as reliable sources as man puts his full faith and practice into believing the computer which he has created as a final authority in every aspect of our lives.

These are truly dangerous times and perilous times at that.  And you know what?  Everyone receives all of this as BEING SAFE and STAYING SAFE.  You hear it all the time now as people say, "BE SAFE!"  It's all about keep us safe and secure so we can live in a perfect world but I believe it's actually making life much worse.

In the meantime keep your head down in your smart device and if you see something say something by using social media or dialing 911 if necessary.  

And yes of course BE SAFE.

David Casper
Weather Data Specialist
Atmospheric Scientist
Storm Chaser
HOLY BIBLE Teacher and Preacher in Christ Jesus
Communication Specialist (fighting anti-social media's control of our life)
Retired Air Traffic Control Specialist 
Commercial Pilot: Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane

Navigating this present evil world by walking by faith in Jesus Christ.