Friday, May 3, 2019

Pastor James Knox preaches a GOOD BAPTIST MESSAGE and then all of the sudden...

*****I'm confused a little bit*****

*****Can anyone help me?*****

Pastor James Knox

Bible Baptist Church

DeLand, Florida

A 'King James Only' Baptist church

I know it's not a good thing to ask questions anymore.  You just are supposed to sit there and not say anything but "amen" or some other equivalent positive response according to the tradition of men. So when it comes to asking questions (sometimes hard questions) you're looked at like a troublemaker or what they call 'troll' on social-media and you can no longer get an answer.

So what do we do? Do we ask questions anyway?  Do we question pastors, teaches, and evangelists as to what they are teaching others?  Or do we just keep our mouth shut and embrace all manner of diverse doctrine that supposedly comes from the same Spirit?

Well for one thing let's examine a few place on this sermon that make me question what's actually going on here.  I will post them and UPDATE this as I study it again to see whether these things are so:


Atheists and others who say "O my God!" listen to this:

Opponents to 'repentance' are still Christians they are just opposed to the 'doctrine of repentance' which is what the Holy Ghost teaches.  So you can be wrong about having to repent, and still be a brother to Pastor James Knox?  Who's wrong now?

Wow!  A 'King James Only' Baptist pastor preaches some interesting things about other preachers that we have been taught were basically a bunch of devils.  Maybe they were't as bad as the devils we have today.  Can we have Christian brethren that have devils?

If you have any sin in your life you better get to an altar.  Amen preacher!

Once upon a time we had some influential pastors in America: