Saturday, May 4, 2019

DigiByte Dan turns into Decisionmaker Dan

******THINGS CHANGE*****

DigiByte Dan
Decisionmaker Dan

No more DigiByte DGB?

Here's a man heralded now in the Cryptosphere that knows how to make a decision.  After telling his 'peeps' to HODL DigiByte (DGB) he now moves into a new venture as a Crony Crypto Capitalist (typical truther & patriot) to be the Co-founder of BitUnits digital asset located on the decentralized Saturn Network platform.

It's all about those BitUnits now baby!  Better HODLS them BitUnits and get on the Saturn Network now:

Thanks for everything you do Dan and we applaud you for your decision making skills in the CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET.  You have the most invaluable information of all:


Give us something to believe in DigiByte Dan I mean Decisionmaker Dan.  Dan you are our LAST MAN STANDING for the truth in the Cryptosphere!  Amen Dan!