Sunday, May 12, 2019

Cryptos go UP & DOWN says Jsnip4 so NO MORE HODLING

******NO MORE HODLING*******

****Bitcoin takes a back seat*****



...and it's about Bitcoin Cash BCH:

He still and always will like Litecoin LTC also:

Now that the CRYPTO MARKET has been taken over by BitMEX, the CME, and the CBOE, and other insiders even beyond the UNDERGROUND BLOCKCHAIN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD in Prague, Czech Republic, Jsnip4 teaches about TRADING CRYPTOS now.  You just cannot HODL anymore because you have to get IN & OUT to make bigger profits.  Lean more from Jsnip4 who has other major plans for a TREASURE HUNT, a CRYPTO CRUISE SHIP, and moving to Costa Rica:

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