Monday, November 5, 2018

Worshiping the creature through MORE PETS is where we are headed next


*****THE NEW NORMAL*****

More than just DOGS & CATS...


As the SPIRIT OF THE NEW AGE takes over through more DOCTRINES OF DEVILS and all manner of NEW DECEPTIONS we will see more unnatural affection of animals and especially REPTILES and AMPHIBIANS:

The GROCERY STORES already have isles dedicated to feeding pets and all manner of pet products. This phenomena is certainly a growing odd behavior resulting in a growing industry.

This will lead to training your REPTILES and domesticating them so that we can all be SAFE around them and explore animal intelligence and Mother Earth together:

There are all manner of REPTILE CONFERENCES, SHOWS, and REPTILE BREEDING CONFERENCES.  I never knew this!  

Perhaps you can cozy up with your snake or alligator and as it grows you may even be eaten by it one day:


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