Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What a Revelation! Could this woman be a PROPHET?

A message from God perhaps?



I HAVE A QUESTION for the (captive silly) WOMEN who usurp authority over men today:
Does God call you from MARRIAGE to leave your husband, commit adultery and become a concubine, and then move on into additional adultery and whoredom and further the cause of fornication?  Praise God then!  Let us sin that grace may abound the more!

As I attended a church in Carrollton Kentucky a few years back, I laid witness to the people, the souls, the preaching, and the messages. 
I noticed that everyone gets their own message. It was amazing to see the mind sets of different people, right down to the similarities and differences of their cloths that day. What was on their minds. How they were feeling. What their soul looked like. Every little detail.
One day, while sitting in the front pew, I heard a voice say unto me, Andrea, if you can make it, the world can make it. I am going to send you out unto the land, to encounter and take witness to the people. Deliver my message. (Your mere presence is enough.) I will protect you, and watch over you, as I will work through you. Trust me, and remember me. Remember your roots, what I have taught you, and how I have raised you. 
Open your eyes, your mind, your heart and soul. 
Are you ready for me to turn your life upside down?
Later on, as I stood there in front of the preacher, I heard a voice say unto me, your father took something from you, a gift, now that gift is returned to you, you can have it back. She kissed me on the forhead. 
A voice said do not fall, hold your ground. And remain all that is taught.

Mine mind is open, I can see.
Mine heart is dear.
My soul is clean, and free.

Other great words of wisdom:

When you think of the word 'device', you often think of a tv, remote, computer, or even a cell phone.
But often times the Lord, and Satan, use people as their devices. To lead you down the wrong path that you yourself do not want to be on, to deceive you with false words that contradict what the Lord has told you. 
Also, to light the path that you have been looking for, with their mere presence. To open the mind, and let you see. To help you find yourself, and let you be free. To escape the prison you find yourself dreading more and more everyday.
Whether you believe in angels, or not, the concept still exists.

A powerful energy, a great spirit, washed through me. As it has done before. A part of a deep pain was uplifted from me. And a calming peace overcame me. 
A soothing voice said unto me, do not fear, my child. Do not fret, my dear. You know what is to come. 
A great amount of information entered my mind. Images passed before mine eyes.
My soul wept.
And I was still.