Thursday, November 1, 2018

Ice Poseidon leads a group of YOU TUBE THUGS who often ASSAULT THE PUBLIC LIVE


It's called the CX NETWORK


Are the FBI and LAPD watching this?

Recently one of our contacts who watches various You Tube channels that LIVE STREAM has reported that there is a group of rising YOU TUBE GANGS and their GANG ACTIVITY and GANG STALKING.  They go around with SELFIE STICKS and EXTENDED BATTERIES and CELL PHONES and do all manner of LIVE STREAMING while ASSAULTING THE PUBLIC and INTERFERING WITH BUSINESSES and various other ABNORMALITIES.  

We heard that it is highly likely that this is leading to some kind of YOU TUBE GANG ACTIVITY that is being funded by STREAMLABS, SUPER CHAT, PATREON and other means necessary to making revenue to support this activity.  These YOU TUBERS also will do all manner of pranks involving the police and other citizens which leads to some real mischief.  Basically they like to go out and CREATE CHAOS and CHAOTIC CONTENT LIVE ON YOU TUBE.  

The strange thing is that people seem to like this but we predict that one of these days and probably soon a horror story will come out of this and someone is about to get hurt and possibly even killed as this behavior puts not only themselves but others in danger.  There have already been assaults and fights and we heard the LAPD is currently involved in some related investigation.  We are working on finding out the details. 

But as Ice Poseidon would say it's all, "COOL AS FUCK!"

Some channels that are involved in this and are also reporting some serious problems and financial scamming and there seems to be some kind of contention forming rapidly withing the CX NETWORK.

We will be watching various channels but the content is usually hard to bear watching:
  • Sweet Erin Livestreams
  • Sweet Erin
  • Ice Poseidon
  • Bri & Katie Teresi
  • DJ Panz
  • piddleass
  • There are more channels but I'm not well versed in them but will add them here as we learn more...

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