Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre is a TRUTHER & PATRIOT?

Brett Favre

*****Brett Favre speaks out*****

Take a look at this Wisconsin CHEESE HEADS!

Brett Favre is a TRUTHER & PATRIOT

He gives a SHOUT OUT to the HANDSOME TRUTH and GDL BOYS...


Many are citing that NATIONALISM and love for the country of the USA is for some reason a threat to our nation.  The enemies of America are very strange today and seek to destroy and bring reproach upon America.   

Somehow people are associating NATIONALISM with being a NAZI.  Even President Trump or any supporter of his is stereotyped as some kind of "WACKO." I know this personally for I voted for and support President Trump.  I'm considered somehow a threat and even a potential terrorist in our nation.  Very strange times indeed!