Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Jesus is coming soon and he spoke to HISHUMBLESERVANT333 about it

*****Another word from the Lord*****


It's all about HUMILITY

I'm finding more and more people who hear directly from the Lord and they get their "word from the Lord" and report it on You tube.

I wonder if Jesus looked like a Woodstock hipster?

The warrior women are rising up and speaking the prophetic word...

It's time to quit playing church and get your house in order among other things...

Can I get my garage in order too and clean it up?  Or should I just get my house in order?

1 comment:

  1. You totally missed the entire message. No, Jesus doesn’t really look like that and she knows it too. It’s not about what he looks like it’s about what he did for you! 333 stands for Jeremiah 33:3, by the way. Maybe if you actually listened to her channel instead of just making fun of her you would know that. And get your house in order means: turn away from your sins! Quit doing bad stuff! Accept Jesus Christ sacrifice for you today because you aren’t promised another day!


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