Thursday, June 7, 2018

REALIST NEWS - More Great Crypto News & A nice looking THETA chart

*****Jsnip4 watching cryptos slowly crash*****

What happened to Jsnip4?


What happened to all the PSYCHICS and REMOTE VIEWERS who knew where all these coins are going?  

What happened to the TRADER BOSS?

What happened to the $750,000 LITECOIN PROFITS from the CRYPTOS CLASS?

What happened to DORAG DAN?

What happened to PSYCHIC MOM'S predictions?

What happened to all these prices that were supposed to go up big in 2018?

What will really happen now with the SEC and better yet the IRS?

What happened to Jsnip4's cocky confidence and the BINJ PLAN?

What happened to the CRYPTO KARAOKE?  No more singing?

As BITCOIN & CRYPTOS become more regulated by the SEC and heavily taxed by the IRS there will be more announcements that create a huge exodus from this cryptocurrency market pushing the overall market capitalization even lower: