Thursday, January 18, 2018

TRON is going beyond the CRYPTOSPHERE




  1. News Unit, I like your show, mostly for putting good humor and sarcasm spin on the news or loose facts....nobody effing knows. I'm done dogging on Jsnip. He won't listen and I thought maybe posting here would get his attention. Just watched 1st half of his latest video. He's pumping something new and singing the gospel according to Trader Boss. Just for the record: Trader Boss is a bad dude. Jsnip is blinded by greed. I find him entertaining no more. He needs to stop posting videos, consult a really good CPA/attorney, show them the shit show he created and figure out his 2017 tax liability. I can't stress this enough. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here and soon I'll disappear like Trader Boss. Actually, I need to get some different equipment so I can join you live. Jsnip's whole deal is a scam. He needs to keep his day job and go back to reading ZeroHedge at night for his peeps. Honestly, I feel bad for his wife and kids...and him. If he doesn't get his shit together there will be no more romantic dinners at the Outback Steakhouse. In summary, Trader Boss is one bad dude. He's a pile of shit scammer. Jsnip needs to halt all production and nip this disaster in the bud. His biggest problem right now is the IRS, plain and simple. I shouldn't give two shits what happens to this guy, but, I feel bad for the shitstorm I see coming his way. My prediction is that this will take a while to play out. I don't see snippy changing his course of direction. He will continue to double down on stupid. It's not a game when you owe the IRS shit loads of money. Anyway, don't know Jsnip personally, but if he continues down this road all I can do is watch it like a reality show. We'll know a lot more a year from now. Take care

    1. So true as you put it "the gospel according to Trader Boss." Also it's going to be another gospel "according to CRYPTO-PSYCHICS too."

      Mark it down! The next sales pitch coming will be the CRYPTO-PSYCHICS including his mom and that other guy and probably more.

      What I'm surprised about is his pal Pastor Dowell never says anything about his PSYCHIC connections being "the man of God" that Dowell claims to be in his nation of Israel. Very strange stuff.

      That Trader Boss I'm convinced is Jay Robb. He also used the other aliases too including Jason Deal, and J.W. Sterling.

      The truther & patriot community and all that alternative media has really caved into a real community of corruption.

      This market is hard to predict into the unknown territory and no doubt will turn into just another financial casino like WALL STREET and the rest of it.

  2. Did some other things and watched the 2nd half of Jsnip video. Ditto's above. He's not going to change direction. He's playing with fire. If you understand the predicament he's in it's very interesting to watch it play out...and this is just the beginning. For example, he's backing up the boat to buy some new coin I've never heard of...well, when the IRS confiscates all your stuff and you still owe them money--no boat and no money to buy them with. This is the irony of the whole shit show, can't you see it? I haven't watched a movie this good in a long time. In summary, if I care about this guy's family more he does, then he must be.severely broken.. think it comes from the gypsy family (his mom being psychic and all. Used to button down the hatches in my small town when the gypsies came...they'd rob you blind)
    Take care, love the show

    1. The thing is a guy like that doesn't care about anyone but himself. It's evident. I don't even think he really cares about his wife and kids. His wife was even trying to tell him to pay the mortgage.

      He may get very rich and increased with goods. After that he's going to change even more. He will have need of nothing. He's already telling us to sit in that chair and let the house burn and trust him.

  3. He's not going to get rich, the IRS will confiscate everything. That's the irony. If he legitimately paid his taxes April 15th, he'd have to liquidate everything. The irony-these cryptos will probably take off when Jsnip has no money or cryptos. However, I don't think he'll do appropriate accounting this year...which will put his tit further in the ring. He's effed. They'll get him. That's why I said it might take a year to play out. He would have been fine if he never got tangled up with Trader Boss. The timing could not have been any worse. I think they're both idiots, but I think Trader Boss thought the market would keep going up for the next couple months and he could pull the pump and dump a few times and get out. Thats why he said he'd do the classes till Feb. Neither of them saw the huge drop we just had...made them both look stupid(expert trader + two psychics) and nobody saw it coming? Can't make this shit up, I'm laughing my ass off as I type. Is this real or is someone putting me on? I think it's real and I can't believe I get to watch it real time


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