Sunday, January 28, 2018

The New Age Gospel of God according to Clif High et al


Beyond The New Age

Half Past Human

The Tree Amigos:

Jsnip4, Cliff High, and Bix Weir...

Clif High is the New Age Guru now as he meets up on the THREE AMIGOS SHOW with Jsnip4.  He is very open and now preaches about who God really is and what's going on in the universe.  He preaches on creation and he prophecies with his WEB BOT DATA SETS what is coming in the future. 

Also it is evident that Bix Weir and Jsnip4 are very receptive to this religion and somehow Jsnip4 remains confederate with Pastor Lindsey Williams which is troubling to me.  On the other hand I believe we are in the FALLING AWAY where man is receptive to FAMILIAR SPIRITS and DOCTRINES OF DEVIL and all manner of PSYCHIC ABILITIES blended with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and the designs of the future in quantum computers. 

This is THE RELIGION OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER and I believe it will rise and already is.  This spirit of antichrist is going to exalt itself above all that is called God and that is worshiped soon.

Prepare for the man of sin the son of perdition. I'm thinking BITCOIN and THE CRYPTOSPHERE with all these CRYPTO CURRENCIES is an audition for what's ahead:

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