Saturday, January 27, 2018

Jsnip4 calls out COINBASE and promotes ROBINHOOD on PSYCHIC ADVICE


Have I been played?

...or are these guys really just plain weird?

ROBINHOOD, COINBASE, CRYPTO CURRENCY, and BITCOIN are all part of a LARGE PSYOP with their government aided role players hard at work on You Tube:

I'm becoming increasingly suspicious that Jsnip4, the Trader Boss, and various other subjects are part of a BIG PSYOP on You Tube.

I mean look at this really!  This guy is part of a larger operation with over 11,000 VIEWS and less than 300 COMMENTS.  

I guess it's all for the greater good?  Of course it is:

WARNING:  There are reports both good and bad about whatever this ROBINHOOD APP is.  All of the sudden YOU TUBE is loaded with videos about ROBINHOOD.

This entire CRYPTO CURRENCY MARKET is very suspicious now...


  1. WHY? ... Do you listen to this madness ... WHY?

    1. I don't. I just hear it going on. I wouldn't listen to any of their advice. Do you know who these guys really are?


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