Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jsnip4 and The Trader Boss are F'ing WINNING and MORE SALES PITCHES TO COME

*****PRO TIPS from Jsnip4*****


Crypto Psychics and Crypto Boss

It's "Crypto Boss" now instead of "Trader Boss"

Jsnip4 and The Trader Boss are planning the next marketing scam in the cryptos.  These motivational speakers are going to be rich!

"Give em 2 days roughly...they have an NDA with a French company...they're not allowed to mention the name's going be a huge thing...however..I'm not going to mention the name (I'm not sure I'm allowed to).........blah, blah, blah,....," says Jsnip4.

Jsnip4 also says,  "...Crypto Boss is texting...'feel free to mention the above wage market but not the name for now...I will make sure you are the first to break this news once the contract is signed'...I'm proud of that I'm so happy...Where are the haters now?..ANOTHER WIN..we're F'N WINNING!..."

Buy some ETCH now?  What else?  LOAD THE BOAT?

"You can rest assured I'll be loading the boat on ETCH...," says Jsnip4....and there's even more.... 

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