Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Andy Hoffman tries to revive BITCOIN OPTIMISM when it's too late

******BITCOIN:  It's GAME OVER!*****

*****The AGONY OF DEFEAT*****


Andy Hoffman tries to shill prices higher:

BITCOIN has lost any hope of any optimism regardless if Andy Hoffman tries his best to read his notes on a HANGOUT and call a community of 400 people or so together to buy into the current cratering CRYPTO CURRENCY MARKET.  The CRYPTOSPHERE has been broken as the entire community has now virtually fallen apart and has resulted in an adverse market condition that went from exponentially bullish in 2017 to a MASSIVE AND CATASTROPHIC SELL OFF that will now take even BITCOIN down with it.

These guys (many of which are complete frauds) have left gold, silver, and sound money and have embraced the BEAST OF BITCOIN.  Now they will sow what they have reaped as they really only have their own personal interests in mind to make money.

I predict Andy Hoffman will be knocking on the door to Miles Franklin Metals again but if he's let back into that fold I would still never have anything to do with these fakers:

It's game over for BITCOIN folks!  Mark it down:

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