Monday, January 29, 2018

01 Genesis 01 - J Vernon Mcgee - Thru the Bible

There's a famine in the land today.  It's a famine of hearing the words of the LORD...

Compare this to the teachings of modern gurus and spiritual leaders such as Clif High:


  1. News Unit, went back and watched some of your old videos from last summer-up to December. 1) You're very prophetic, usually have things figured out immediately/real time and your hunches are usually right on. 2) Your frustration was evident at times and I'm personally grateful that you didn't hang it up...although wouldn't blame you if you did. The USA, world, crypto, YouTube is a complete shitshow. I stumbled upon you when I was trying to make sense of the shitshow's crazy. It's my opinion you're on the right track. Also like the fact that you give everyone a voice on your channel. Thanks again, take care

    1. Thanks. I think your observations are accurate here too. The only thing I'm not going to do is grow this channel and I have no problem with that. I chucked the idea long ago already as You Tube is way too much of a pain in the ass now with all the copyright crap. We will eventually lose our free speech and freedom of press. I'm just in survival mode here now.


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